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Aug 2019: We welcome Selin to the group

Aug 2019: Zhenzhuo presented her work at the Pacific Coast Catalysis Society meeting and at SUNCAT Summer School

June 2019: Shaama presented group’s work on inverted Hammett analysis at the NAM meeting in Chicago

June 2019: We received 1,234,634.0 SUs from NSF’s XSEDE for studying the dynamic behavior of atomically dispersed catalysts (July 2019 – June 2020)

June 2019: We welcome Allyson to the group for the summer through Viterbi’s SURE program

May 2019: We welcome Vijey to the group for the summer through Viterbi’s IUSSTF program

April 2019: We receive 1-year support from USC’s Undergraduate Research Associates Program for ligand-driven design of copper-oxo complexes

April 2019: We receive 1-year funding (July 2019 – Jun 2020) from USC’s Zumberge Fund Individual Grant Program for carrying out active site dynamics in atomically dispersed catalysts

April 2019: We welcome Yichen and Yujia to the group!

April 2019: Shaama presents mechanistic research on CH activation at the ACS Spring Meeting in Orlando, FL

March 2019: Shaama receives Supplemental Faculty Support from WiSE

Jan 2019: Jacob is awarded the USC Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Oct 2018: We welcome Stephen to the group!

Oct 2018: Shaama speaks to high schools students in the Saturday Academy (by Neighborhood Academic Initiative) about supercomputing in chemistry

Sep 2018: The group’s first paper is accepted at Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics as a 2018 HOT article!! Congrats, Zhenzhuo! Read the paper on using barrier responses to probe CH activation mechanisms in enzyme-inspired catalysts here

Jul 2018: Shaama leads a discussion and presents the group’s work on dicopper kinetics and leads a discussion at the Gordon Research Conference on Computational Chemistry in Mt. Snow, VT

Jul 2018: Shaama speaks to high school SHINE students about the joys of computational research!

Jul 2018: We welcome Kareesa and Nick to the group!

May 2018: Shaama presents a poster on single atom catalyst design work at the 2018 AFOSR Molecular Dynamics/Theoretical Chemistry program review in Albuquerque, NM

May 2018: Shaama presents CH activation work at the Third Annual Theoretical Chemistry Conference at Caltech

Apr 2018: We are growing! Nicholas and Kareesa will be joining the PhD program in Fall 2018. We also welcome Bipeng to the group

Mar 2018: First talk from the group! Shaama presents mechanistic research on CH activation at the ACS Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA

Jan 2018: We welcome Jacob to the group

Jan 2018: Shaama’s postdoctoral work on nontraditional routes for electrochemical ammonia synthesis is published in PCCP

Dec 2017: We have our own compute nodes on USC HPC!

Dec 2017: Shaama receives Supplemental Faculty Support from WiSE

Nov 2017: We welcome Tanya, Sathvika, and Miranda to the group

Nov 2017: Shaama is a panelist on the WiSE Career panel, and shares her experience on preparing for academic jobs

Nov 2017: Shaama shares her research with USC’s Department of Chemistry at the Super-theory Seminar hosted by the Krylov group

Oct 2017: Shaama presents her recent work on DFT benchmarking for surface chemistry at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

Oct 2017: Shaama receives travel support from the Jr Faculty Professional Development Fund

Oct 2017: Shaama interacts with high school chemistry students about differences between physical and chemical changes as part of USC’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative (NAI)

Sep 2017: We welcome Joe to the group

Sep 2017: Shaama’s postdoctoral work on benchmarking functionals for surface chemistry is ACS Editor’s Choice in JPCC

Aug 2017: We are excited to host Prof. Philippe Sautet (UCLA) as the first speaker in the 2017-18 Distinguished Lecture Series

Aug 2017: We welcome the first member, Zhenzhuo! She receives the 2-year Graduate Fellowship

Jul 2017: Shaama attends the ASEE Summer School for early-career ChemE faculty and presents a poster on peer review in the  classroom