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Viterbi Summer Institute (VSI):

We hosted two high school students, Benjamin Bedregal Barboza and Cameron J. Cole, over the summer of 2019 through the Viterbi Summer Institute. They worked with Nick to model the surface behavior of single atom catalysts. 

Young Researchers Program (YRP):

We hosted Samantha Gomez, a high school student from Bravo Medical Magnet High School over the summer of 2019 through the Young Researchers Program. She worked with Kareesa to model the kinetics and excitation energies of terphenyl compounds. Her hard work earned her a spot on the manuscript developed based on this on-going research!

Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Engineering (SHINE):

We were thrilled to host a high school student, Roushan, over the summer of 2018 through the Viterbi SHINE program. She worked closely with Zhenzhuo on using data science methods to predict chemical behavior. Shout out to Katie Mills for making this happen!

Shaama also spent some time with the SHINE students talking about chemical engineering and the future of computational research. Check it out here (shout out to Megan for covering the event!)

A chapter of Women in Chemical Engineering was founded in the Spring of 2019 by a group of PhD students under the guidance of Dr. Shaama Sharada. The organization hosts events for graduate and undergraduate students in the Mork Family Department to help foster personal and professional relationships across the department. In addition to Dr. Sharada serving as the faculty advisor, Kareesa serves as the outreach coordinator for WChE and plans events for off-campus education outreach events.

Dr. Sharada is partnering with the Environmental Sciences class at Hawthorne Math and Science Academy. On Jan 31st, 2020, she got together with the class in their computer lab and talked about chemical engineers and their role in sustainability. Students also gained first-hand experience with modeling research! They built greenhouse gas molecules – CO2 and CH4 – with IQMol, an open-source software used by computational scientists around the world to build molecular models for their research. HMSA has made the software available on school computers for all students, to help them construct and visualize molecules and chemical bonds. The IQMol demo Shaama created can be found here: Build-a-Molecule

chem E Car logo


In April of 2019, Kareesa volunteered as a judge for the AIChE ChemE car competition at the regional conference


Presentation March 2018


In March of 2018, Zhenzhuo presented our work at the Research Pairing Mixer hosted by USC Society for Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Chapter.