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In Silico Lab for Catalytic Mechanisms and Design

We are a computational group interested in the development and application of in silico tools for understanding complex catalytic systems, and the prediction of novel catalytic materials.

  • Spring 2018

    Spring 2018 (From left) Jacob, Joe, Miranda, Tanya, Zhenzhuo, Shaama

  • Spring 2018 Group Dinner @10E

    (From left) Joe, Jacob, Tanya, Zhenzhuo, Kareesa, Shaama, Bipeng

  •  Fall 2018 (From right) Bipeng, Nick, Zhenzhuo, Miranda, Kareesa, Jacob, Stephen

  • Spring 2019: (From left) Bipeng, Stephen, Jacob, Yichen, Shaama, Yujia, Zhenzhuo, Kareesa, Nick